Contact: Bill Fligg
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MacLaren Art Centre
37 Mulcaster St
Barrie, ON  L4M 3M2
We have planned a great Christmas Party this year for the Club.
There will be an awesome band along with great food all night at the MacLaren Art Centre!
Featuring: "The Rob Watts band" who played at the "Boots and Hearts" this year on the main stage.
Check out some of their videos:
The band website:
The Food: Hors d'oeuvres will be catered by Michael & Marion's throughout the evening and they have a great menu planned for us. We will also have late night snacks after M&M is done so there will be food until the party is over!
The Price: $50 each and it can be put on your quarterly invoice
And please remember "Don't Drink & Drive" or "Smoke & Drive" - We will have a list of Driver Services and Taxi numbers available all night. Thanks!