Jul 25, 2018
Christy Skelly - Independent Living Services

Christy Skelly is the Navigator and Certified "Aging in Place Specialist" for the Accessibility Resource Centre which is operated ny Independent Living Services of Simcoe County and Area.  Since 2008, she has helped seniors and people with disabilities find the assistive devices they require, and make home and vehicle modicifications that allow them to live safely and independently.  Christy can also help people determine which funding resources they may be eligible for and guide them through the application process.  She has worked deligently to make connections with the community support sector and health care professionals to ensure people understand the resources available to them as they age at home.  You may find Christy giving a presentation on how to "Make your House a Home for a Lifetime" or sharing information on resources that are available to assist seniors within the community.  Christy receives many unique requests for assistance at the Accessibility Resource Centre.  Her desire, understanding, and passion to find solutions for seniors and people with disabilities are some of her gifts that she brings to our community.