Dec 12, 2018
Morris Gervais
Barrie Hill Farms

Morris Gervais Bio

Morris Gervais is a second-generation farmer, who owns and operates Barrie Hill Farms, just outside of Barrie, Ontario.

Morris grew up on Barrie Hill Farms, a tobacco farm, which was established by his parents, Adrien and Evelyn, in 1968. In the late 1970s the farm exited the tobacco industry by beginning to grow “pick your own” (PYO) strawberries. Throughout the 1980s Barrie Hill Farms expanded its offerings to include farm fresh asparagus as well as PYO raspberries and PYO blueberries. Morris graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in agriculture in 1989 and accepted full time employment with Molson Breweries, while continuing to work on the farm during the spring and summer. Following almost four years of employment with Molson, he realized big corporate life was not for him, and began farming full time alongside his parents in 1993.

The farm now produces over 200 acres of fruits and vegetables (everything from asparagus to pumpkins), the majority of which is sold either PYO, or at its on-farm market.

Morris refereed junior hockey for ten years, and since retiring, he continues to play “beer league” hockey twice per week. He is also an avid hunter and is particularly passionate about deer hunting. Morris and his wife Kendra home school their four children; Avery 17, Nia 16, Audrey 11 and Isaac 9.