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Karleen Ross Aug 21, 2019
Feelings First

Karleen Ross is a Certified Life Coach,  Owner of Ross Coaching where she specializes in building women empowerment,  relationship coaching and mental well being.  Author of the recently published  book, A Mother's Love, The unfamiliar warning signs of mental illness" and Founder of Feelings First Foundation supporting mental health within our community.

Steve Meadley Aug 28, 2019
Assistant District Governor
Rob Armstrong, Anna Cheaney Sep 04, 2019
Barrie YMCA
David Blevins Sep 11, 2019
Charlene Myke Sep 18, 2019
Easter Seals
Trent Mayers Sep 25, 2019
On Wine
Shelley Marchant Oct 02, 2019
Classification speech
Paul Pancel Oct 23, 2019